Monday, March 15, 2010

Wikipedia Documentary Premiers at Wikimania, Gdansk, Poland

Truth In Numbers?
Everything, According To Wikipedia

A controversial new feature-length film that chronicles the remarkable rise of the "massive live collaboration" called Wikipedia. Filmmakers Nic Hill and Scott Glosserman traveled to over twenty countries filming interviews with the Wiki founders, Wiki critics, and Wiki contributors.

ZAP got involved with the film in December; the breadth of original source material is impressive. Post production: daunting. Our first task was to review the post production work flow; the film has been in post for over two years in an on-again, off-again cycle with various collaborators working in various cities on various platforms. Original interviews were shot in HDV and DVCProHD over years. ZAP organized the on-line and color grading, and will provide final delivery and DVD services. To learn more about the making of the film, you can go to an early filmmaker fan website that claimed that "anyone can edit this documentary web-site."

To view a trailer of the film, you can go to the GlenEcho Entertainment movie site.

A short list of some who appear in the film:

Jimbo Wales
Howard Zinn
Stephen Colbert
James Woolsey
Susan Jacoby
Richard Branson
Ray Kurzweil
Noam Chomsky
Bob Schieffer
Ward Cunningham
Len Downie, Executive Editor of The Washington Post
Bob McHenry, Former Editor-In-Chief - Encyclopaedia Britannica
Jaron Lanier
Lawrence Lessig
John Seigenthaler