Friday, March 25, 2011

ZAP Offers "Digital Direct" HD Screenings at SF Film Centre

A Bay Area Filmmakers' Secret Resource: a rarely used, well-equipped 24-seat screening room in The Presidio. Originally installed in the late 1990s as a film rushes facility with high quality 35mm changeover projection and calibrated Dolby 5.1 audio monitoring, the room has been under-utilized as the number of Hollywood features shooting on location in San Francisco has dropped off to a trickle.

Beginning in November of last year, ZAP took over some of the management and oversight of the facility working in league with the SF Film Centre. Our goal was to ENGINEER an economical way for local filmmakers to screen their works in progress, without having to resort to costly HD tape outputs, or down-grading their film by burning a mediocre screener DVD. We came up with a scheme involving a professional HD Media player that can play back all popular screening formats and frame rates from QuickTime movies delivered to ZAP on a portable hard drive or via FTP. To date, we have hosted around a dozen HD screenings; mostly works in progress, sound mix checks and a few fundraisers and cast/crew thanks screenings.

If you'd like to know more about the facility or the service, you can email, and we'll send you info and a delivery spec.

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