Monday, November 10, 2008

Pakistani Film Kala Pul (Black Bridge) at ZAP

We are helping Bay Area indy filmmaker Saqib Mausoof (he's originally from Karachi, Pakistan) with post production on his new short film Kala Pul. It premiers this Thursday at the San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival.

According to the film fest program: Kala Pul is named after a bridge in Karachi, which connects, and simultaneously separates, the affluent parts of the city and the lower income areas. Our protagonist, Arsalan, returns from the Middle East to this segregated world to investigate the violent death of his younger brother, blamed on fundamentalists. He finds himself estranged from his family, which is divided in opinion between his anglicized father and his devoutly militant younger brother. Now Arsalan must navigate these diverging and conflicting paths to discover his dead brother’s past and Karachi's future.

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